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Honestly a great game, boobles or naught. It's just cute, sweet, thought-out, and unexpectedly relatable at times. Very good work<3


Any chance of this going to steam


having trouble downloading on mac - probably an issue on my end, but it says i dont have permission to download


Windows download doesn't work


damn, i wonder how progress is going.


one of the best games i played on im in love with the characters the design the dialogue its all so well made


wish some scenes got the chance to get animated instead of just depending on your imagination but this is still great. I feel seen, the story and characters are fun, and the overall look is great


I have only played this for like 2 hours but i love it. 

The representation warms my heart, the characters are lovely and adorable, consent is an actual thing. The list goes on and on.

It's just really nice.


finally, a H game where it feels properly consensual; I can actually say no.


also I really really appreciate all the clothing, etc., cause I don't feel comfortable cross-dressing irl, but I still want to. I feel happy making my character cute :)


As a Non-Binary Vending Machine, I feel really validated by this representation. I felt like you needed and wanted to know this because I am based and not cringe at all to make sure I point it out because your game has a Vending Machine.I am very important.


"Something something something, attack helicopter, something something" 🤡🤡🤡

I am begging yall, for the love of god, get a new joke. It's sad and it's cringe and it's fucking embarrassing lmao 

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Yeah your mad. Imagine replying to something from over a year ago lmao


Lmaooo bruh you literally went out of your way to search for, click on, and post a hate comment to an lgbtq game... when you could have just.. not? Sounds like you're the one who's mad tbh. Absolutely bonkers lmao


Dont care stay mad


First of all, I love this game. However, I think I'm experiencing a glitch where the cafe training minigame never ends, he just keeps making me make lattes 😓 does anyone know why this might be happening?


Yeah, I had the same issue. I had to click on his speech bubbles to make him do his spiel about each drink before I made them.


how different is the demo ver compared to the full one on patreon? i was thinking for getting it but i can't find any info since the updates are only viewable after pledging


Patreon build has more content. ie the stories go beyond where the demo ends. I think its worth getting the patreon build if you enjoy the demo


feeling really validated, very horny and like I want to buy a pair of hand held portals


Really enjoy the world and the characters, hats off to ya.


this is such a fun game!! For a while now I've been looking for a porn game that treats the sex as more of an accent of the game rather than treating the quality and story like an afterthought. And after a while of searching, I think I finally found what I've been looking for. I'm so happy with this! The people working on this game are doing a great job, I can't wait to buy the full game <3

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I may be a cis male but man this game is amazing, it feels so validating to see other stories being told

edited because its not broken just me being dumb


This is a great game and I'm loving the trans rep. Can I ask how many people are working on it? I'm curious how many people are behind it!


As a trans person (Who doesn't even tend to play porn games. Like, seriously, I can't remember how I stumbled uppon this one.) I never thought I would feel humanized by a porn game. Yet here it is.


It´s nice to know that even porn can make someone feel a bit more represented and accepted. almost everything out there either is a straight, harem power fantasy or has futa/femboys as a "hey, look! chicks with dicks!" thingie, this game feels like a blessing

and damn, who were the ones that could downvote a comment that only said something nice


Transphobes probably. Most of these games have some degree of downvote-bombing in the reviews unfortunately. Which is absolutely wild considering that for the most part, you would have to seek out these games in order to do that. Which means these people are literally taking the time to search for lgbtq tags, click on the games that pop up, and individually downvote every positive review 🙃


Sexually it's not really my thing as a cisgender male, but other then that, this game is somewhat impressive. I adore Cyberpunk Pixelart Aesthetic and this game brings that to the table with a strong art style. Beyond that I can't really comment. But I do wish this game all the luck and fortune in the future. 


based "I don´t like it but I appreciate it´s existence" attitude


Please can we have the android version pls


on their page they said that if they make one, it´ll be after the game is finished and released officially. Though still, depending on how things go they might not even port it


I think you have the linux download marked with the wrong icon

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actually, the tar.gz one was the only one i was able to get to work on mac, wish there was a good symbol to use for UNIX programs


Interesting. Either way, I wasn't able to run the one marked for linux, I just used the .exe version

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My favorite NSFW game, by far. God, not only is the trans representation really cool (something you really don´t see with these games, at most you´ll see crossdressing, hermaphrodites and things like that in a "look at this, chicks with dicks!" kinda way, which is honestly kinda infuriating.) but GOD it´s such a nice sight to see a dev that treats their characters like actual people and not just tagged fetishes. This characters really have a lot of love behind them and they´re done so respectfully and nice and just, God it´s such a nice thing.

Also the artstyle, it´s so aesthetically pleasing and seeing NSFW art on more of a pixel art style is so interesting and cool. This game really could go far if you get to put it on steam eventually imo, it fills a hole in the world of NSFW games that no other game has ever touched, and I KNOW there´s a lot of people and a big market waiting for this


Will a complete version eventually become available outside of the Patreon release? I generally prefer to make a single payment instead of subscriptions if I can help it. Either way, I donated a bit to the demo to support the game’s ongoing development.


I´d expect that like with most games, when it´s finished it´ll just be released as a full game (I hope it gets to steam too, this game deserves to shine and would do really well there). And if it doesn´t well, when it finishes you can just become a patreon, get the last build and cancel the subscription, so it´d be like buying it


am is there a other way to pushase the game? i cant buy it over the normal buton



Deleted 1 year ago

What. The. Fuck.


I don't really know why the creator would be offended by this, as it is only a game, unless I'm wrong-


Dude, just play the game. I don't make the game but just play it.


The line between fetishization and anything else is, "did you seek it out, or did you find it on your own." It seems like you didn't seek out this to play into a fetish of yours, so have fun.

Also, its on a public forum with no clear markers, so its very much not an exclusive space.


Okay like most people I feel like this, on it´s intentions to be respectful it actually gets disrespectful by the overexageration of, pretty much everything here. But why downvote and attack this person so much? On their own way they´re just trying to be nice, if you disagree so much at most just state respectfully why you think this is going too far, but there´s no need to be so toxic when the game itself is about empathy in a lot of ways. 

If it´s worth anything, imo something crosses the line of toxic fetishization when you´re seeing the characters and the group they belong to as a walking fetish and not just a kind of PERSON (I really want to stress that, that you see them as people) that you really find interesting/attractive. Someone said it´s fetishization when you look for it, but I don´t think having preferences or tastes on the kinds of people you find attractive it´s necessarily fetishization.

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man the writing is so well done and the art is beautiful. is there no full screen mode tho?

would be good for the standard buttons to be applicable too like F5 for restart, F4/F11 for full screen, ctrl for skip text etc

also average play time is estimated half an hour? nah man there's quite a bit to explore i could play this for an easy 6 hours


what an incredible game! from the art to the writing to the atmosphere it's just wonderful. and what am amazing demo!


The demo convinced me to become a patron - fantastic work!


this is a demo, this is the best dome ever


thx, thats the best comment ever


Downloaded the demo for win 10, but it doesn't start up? don't know if i've done anything wrong :((


It might be an antivirus issue, since we arnt one of microsofts 'trusted publishers.' If you got a popup saying something like that, you'll have to click through a few things before it'll let you play. You could also check your anitvirus settings. Also, can you confirm you downloaded the correct version? It should end in .exe


Never seen a this well written nsfw game before


thank you so much!!


just became a patron haha, before i even got into anything this game already started tugging on my heart strings, amazing writing and just a very well put together game all together, cant wait to play more of it soon ;)


How do I support you on Patreon?


my patreon is right here :D


do i have do be a member for more then 1 month do be able do download the patreon version, or can i just be a member for 1 month only download the game and unsubscribe?


you can sub download then unsub i think


Are u have a plan to port this game to android


Good yes is yes......................:}




I've tried to get the Patreon version, but Patreon won't let me make the purchase, and my attempts to figure things out with their customer support have gone nowhere, as their customer support has been horribly lacking in quality.

Is there anyway for me to get the full version of the game without going through Patreon? I played the demo and loved it, and I really wanna buy the full version, but based on my only experience with Patreon, Patreon is broken and doesn't work.




will there ever be a web version?


I stumbled upon this gem a few days ago and I'm absolutely mesmerized! Not only is it wholesome as heck, it has the right amount of drama, action and - of course - lewd kinky stuff. It's just absolutely perfect and I can not wait to get my hands on more content (and the paid version for that. Just need to wait til the next paycheck arrives).

Keep up the good work! <3

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