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tit bot best character don't @ me

pleas contact me via email that I sent you in tumbler

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I got an error after opening the game:

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00000ba). Click OK to close the application.

FIX: I made a folder and placed the game in it along with an openGL file and now it works.

Hi! I wanted to ask if you're planning on doing an android version. I'd love it a lot so I could bring this awesome game with me wherever I go :3

Thank you! This is amazing! I had seen a few articles about it but hadn't taken the time to play any, I'm a few days into the story and this amazing sexy fun. The charterers seem like cool girls I would want to date, the main character is relatable. I love visual novels / dating sims, but usually hate the content / morals, but this is fun and very pleasure oriented in a more consensual way. It feels real in a way one wouldn't expect from a cybernetic technosexual setting. 


Too much unnecessary satanic symbolism 4 me.


All porn is endorsed by Satan ;3


What a 180 iq response my friend.

Keep making what you enjoy making then. :)

hi, i love the game. thats all. also im BITTER that my dino cant support the game, so this is so sad.

okay, i really love the game tho. i cant AIT to see what else is added!!


An excellent game demo I spent hours on that I didn't even realize I spent. I look forward to having more content to explore, and will happily pay for a complete game. All of the characters feel real, and have in depth identities that fit well to the setting they're in. I'm in love with all the little interactables and varied outcomes. The little events that take up the days are unique little treats that really add a teasing aspect to keep you playing. Character appearance customization is a huge plus.

Ahh thank you so much!! I'm super glad you're having a good time with it! :D


I look forward to what ever else you have in store for us.


I've never been so excited to see a game develop in my life! I feel myself getting attatched to the art style and characters, and even the little interactions with objects and whatnot. I just hope more stuff is added soon, with the edition of like.. Maybe hard to find collectables with special cutscenes, music, toys.. I dunno. All I do know is I've fallen in love with this pretty and whimsical transgender world you've created! I hope eventually a vagina upgrade is added, though. That way HC could fuck and be fucked.. In two holes! I dunno. Keep up the good work, guys.

@Lazy_animator on insta, I might do fanart of HC!

Aww thanks!! That super sweet! Also, I fucking love seeing fanart aha :3 :3


So, I just played a few hours of the demo (I take my time, not sure if that's an inch or a mile by the title's standards) but I love it. Not sure if I should leave feedback here, but a few things I'd like to commend: every character feels distinctly different both in design and conversation, which is always refreshing- each area likewise has a very unique atmosphere, each fitting the intended setting- colors pop, and the details of the world are all well-defined, color-contrast can be hard to nail but you've got it down. Now here's a few things I'd like to request, or maybe suggest? (IDK I never really review like this) For sound design a solid ambient track would be good, something soft and electronic with a few high notes to represent the surprises waiting around every corner- for general interaction, maybe just having a small change in expression or something similar after interacting with a character would be great for immersion, and add just slightly to the idea your actions have an impact on things- for customization it would be interesting to see eye/skin color changes, which I know would be a but more of an ask given the way animations and interactions work in this game, but it would be interesting all the same- Speaking of picking colors, last on my list would be a way to change the color or opacity of the text-box, along with a bit more "Personality" to it, as you spend 99% of the game utilizing it. Maybe a cluster of pixels gathered at the corners, or a subtle crack somewhere.

But frankly, you could completely ignore all of that and I can still confidently say that if the rest of the game is as good as this demo, you're solid Yoplatz. You've got a good grasp of what you're trying to make, how to appeal to your target audience with it, and the good sense to use that information as the foundation for your product. I'd give it a 4.5/5 (only real complaint is the lack of audio, but I'm sure that's in the works) P.S. sorry this got so lengthy.

is already full version?

I seem to have a problem where when I try to end Day 8 and save the game crashes. So far I really love the characters and style but I can't really continue. Any idea to help with this?

I love the game, the characters, the story, the aesthetics, and the buildings so much (architecture hard on results). 

I just wish there were options for "body types" (I guess you could say), because the animations are great until some equipment starts flip-floppin around.

Good luck with the development and I hope you all succeed!

Love the graphics. Maybe add more options? Thanks.

Thanks :D more options for what specifically?

(-8) flavors in clientele and characters. I know the futa/male sub-genera is kicking up in certain areas of the internet.

When is the next update arriving?

There's an update at the beginning of every month to the Patreon!


I love the game, and I can't wait to see more scenes and especially more animation (it's very high quality, that which isn't seen very often in "free" games).

Good luck in development!

Hey! I really want to play this game, but the game closes automatically after I open it. I'm running on Windows 10, I deactivated Windows Defender temporarily and tried opening as administrator but no dice.

nice game,  i got stuck at day 15 since i cant progress further but overall its a good game!

thank you :3 :3

I love this! so much content from a free build! its super good!

eee thanks! glad you liked it :D

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So I really like this game so far. The art is nice to look at, the interactions range from sexy to downright adorable and it takes place in one of my favorite fictional settings. On top of that it seems so far that you're handling all the trans representation with a lot of respect and care and on occasion I also noticed what might have been a cheeky little reference to the trans meme community. 

By far what intrigued me the most though was a particular scene with Beryl that addressed a very real issue that a lot of trans people face. For the sake of spoilers I won't bring up any specifics but I was fascinated that a smut game of all things would be the first time I hear this talked about outside of any trans support forums or simillar. 

As a trans woman myself, I have a feeling this game is going to feel pretty special to me once its done. And I will await that day patiently


Very nice game, I can't wait to see more of this. Keep up the great work. Btw i like the Characters, i hope to see more.

I absolutely look forward to seeing how this develops. Is there a time limit for making a donation?

nope! Anytime you'd like! I appreciate the support sooo much! :D :D :D

Aaaaa I've been planning on making a game very similar to this I love it


glad youre having fun :3




oi don't be a cuck

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How am I being a cuck for just pointing out a simple grammar error?

Here's what cuck really means:

83 day old reply, and you're still a cuck.

Hey, just wanted to drop in and say that I love this game so much and how lewd but adorable the character interactions are and I would love to donate on patreon and will as soon as I can. Keep up the amazing work! (Also loving the fact you added a foot themed scene because those are rare)

eee thank you!! :D :D

Game looks great and interesting, loving seeing the love Cyberpunk is getting these days.  My only question is how do you run the game?  I see the .exe and everything, but it doesn't show a thumbnail. When I double click it, it opens a list of programs to open it in.  Is there a program I need to run this or should it be working straight "out of the box"?  

thats weird, it should be working out of the box, yeah. Are you on windows?

How do you earn coupons? I'm near the end of the storyline for one of the girls, and about day 8 into the main story, and so far only earned like 100 coupons as "spare change" from the girls?

there are multiple ways to earn coupons, but i suggest you explore the map. Visiting the alleyway on Root St can earn coupons on most days. Also there are some opportunities to earn them in the Lemon, on Skipnoise Ave. Also, if you see any little drones flying around, click em a few times and you can earn some coupons


This is a nice game with really lovely art! I wanted to switch computer though and keep my progress, but I can't work out where it keeps its save file on mac, It's not in the package, so I lose it?

Just found it located @ USERNAME/.godot/app_userdata/HARDCODED/savegame.bin
".godot" is a hidden folder, so if anyone else wants to migrate saves you'll need to use a method to unhide hidden folders

Thank you so much! Also, dang it took me sooo long to figure that out lol, gj :D


Hi, first of all I love this game, however, the patreon pushing is annoying, some of us don't have the money to continously pay on there and can only pay once and since paying once on patreon, downloading all the files and then cancelling the subscription is seen as acting poorly I paid on here when I could.

I'd really appreciate it if I didn't have to click "no I don't want to go to the patreon" every time at the very least please, thank you :).

yeah thats  a bug, i totally didnt mean to make it say that every time you go to root st. it was supposed to only happen when you click on the pillory mistress after completeing the second contest mini scene, since previously it didnt do anything when you clicked on her, and people thought that was a bug. I want to push a new verison on the demo but now the game is filled with this months half-completed content and is even buggier. not sure if i should invest time into making a new demo rn or just wait 10 days and then update the demo when this month build is finished and i will have worked all the bugs out anyway.

nm i just fixed it

Thank you so much, I'm looking forward to the update and appreciate you taking the time to reply to me and being understanding in your reply, it's truly appreciated :).

as a side note I believe it's only 1$ for the base tier and you get the updates. It's pennies a day to enjoy the latest builds. that's only 12$ a year. I don't know if this tier was available last month but last I checked it's available now.

Are you able to get past day 13? I believe I am doing something wrong & I'm not sure what it is.  Also, the "Patrone Building" thing really confusing & typically I'm not sure were to go, but when I am, nothing happens. Is this still in development or no?  I personally think I'm just a bit confused & nothing is wrong the coding or game disign/development. But this is a problem I have ran into quite often, is there an update I'm not aware of? Do I have to pay to get the rest of the game? I am so sorry if you have answered all of these questions already, if you have, just let me know you & I'll go look for them. But honest, this game is amazing & I would love to see the finished product.

Thank you!!! ya so the game is currently in development, the patreon build is the current more updated version of the game. You can get it here for a pledge of $1 or more :3

i played everything that was available outside of the patreon build! i really enjoyed it, and hopefully when i'm not broke, i can play the rest of it. <3

yus im super glad you liked it :3 :3 :3

How do you decorate your room? i bought a bunch or decorations and i can't figure out how to place them.

Press the bar on the left side of the room. When you move your mouse over it the game should tell you it's a machine to automatically manage your stuff.


First of all: Great game.

Love the pixelart, love the Bladerunner style setting, love that all the characters are female X3

Only spot of bother I have is the amount of anal, which I'm not a big fan of... :x 
But that's only my personal taste/preference, nothing I'd blame the game for :3

I do have a few bugs/routes that might not work as intended to report, by the way, as well as some typos. Is there a place for that, or should I just post them here?

Thanks, I'm really glad you like it :D I think the best way to report bugs would be to either message me on twitter ( or send mail on tumblr (

I had the same problem with the slut trophy. Then when I tried fixing it the table and computer vanished and i couldn't choose them from the list of items owned.

oops, thx for reminding me! its fixed, but not in the demo yet. I'll do a new version soon.

Hey, is there any preferred channel for bug reporting? My silver slut trophy turned into a potted plant, and then became unavailable after removing it from my room.

ooh dang, i forgot about this, thank you! i fixed this but but I havnt made a new demo build since. I'll do it early next month :3


this game's aesthetic is so lovely! 


it makes me so unbelievably happy to play a game with SO MANY trans women in it like holy shit this is my dream


I love this game but is there any way to be the dom i feel like sometimes the robot  wants to be in charge

An update happened?! What's new?

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From what I saw :

-They added the animation for the Main 3 (with the tentacules and stuff)

-Two gals can take a tit pic of you naked if you wish to

-You can fuck in the disco's toilets

-Generally smoother in the deplacements


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